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From that place at the beginning of any journey we never really know with certainty where it is we are going to end up. From the smallest and most mundane trip you take to the office every day you call your commute, to the wild sails that forever connected two parts of the same world even a journey all the way to Mars, as large or small as the voyage may physically be, in the end the only journey that ever matters is a journey of the mind.

Your frame of mind has been known to shift over time and it can be quite challenging to pin down that exact moment when it occurred. I am talking about your personal operating system; how you look at the world and your own value system. We all know these will shift from time to time. Sometimes it happens in an instant and we have those moments of revelation that where so obvious because we knew certain things to be true all along. Other times it is a process evolving over time so slowly that we don’t even realize it’s happening until you are already there. So in between that long breath, breath in breath out and be still.

Travel is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself. When we take a trip, when we experience new things we have the golden opportunity to explore deeper within our own minds than we do at home. In that dimensional space we are able to ask the question, why is it so that we feel the way we do. Maybe more important from your own personal perspective, you get to ask “are my feelings justified?”.

The greater the journey the greater the risk, or so it has been said. I guess this has always been the case. For the journey I am talking about here, you need to take just one fundamental step and you wont even need to leave where you are. How far you are willing to go depends on the risk of how far you are willing to fill your heart with love and open your mind. Park your body and try as hard as you can to simply relax. Take a moment and step back, now leave your body behind and let’s just float for a little while up into the air. You are not really gone, and you have no place to be right Now. So NOW here you simply just be. Breath in Breath out.

This is your true self. This is your self that started in the ground as a little seed and and took one hubris step to make its way out and be. In our rotations around the sun, the experiences of life written in our rings shape the way we react to things. Like a tree in the wild, where it finds love in that direction it will grow. Love for a tree is water, the sun and materials it can pull from the earth. The miracle that is these creatures can be so easily overlooked. We are talking about a biological factory that converts water and dirt into giant structures that defy gravity and create breathable air; this is a tree. Over time as branches get cut off we become conditioned not to let our selves grow in this direction or that and sometimes through lessons learned there are many good reasons in that. The taller we reach sometimes it is hard to unlearn these things and take a chance and grow in directions that had once been cut off. But it is so important to know that if you want to be a solid tree you have to continue to grow and not be so afraid to take chances just because you lost branches a few rings ago.

On what ever dimensional plane/s you chose to exist we all grow in the same way, across time and space, this is the true nature of life. Where there is love we flourish. If we put our resources into an empty space devoid of love, we might be able to expand and add one more ring, but we simply do not grow because eventually this branch of your life will have to go… I don’t need to offer up personal details about the emotional trauma that results when we cut off or even try to doctor and manipulate a broken limb. I think we all experience this in little ways throughout all of our days. The drive to grow verses the forces that destroy is a yoyo observable at every level of our the universe and possibly beyond. Ying and Yang as it was coined by the Chinese years ago, is as scientifically grounding a principle of all things in this universe as is gravity, although to see it you must have the eyes of a tree and be able to look through time.

In an old growth primary forest there is a sort of natural oder of things that I believe evolved before anything was to be. The gravitational laws of science keep everything a ground until they they are broken. Somewhere in that hubris step of homo sapiens’ evolution we became so self aware we broke from the forest. In doing so maybe we also broke the gravitational laws of science and straining to emerge as the seed from the tree of life itself. For the definitive answer to that we will have to look through time and see.

I have no idea if this is the case, and who am I to even ponder such ideas. But if we have indeed made this transformational step into seeds, then it leads that each one of us is god in our own ability to create. Maybe one day, one of us already on this planet will begin the process of colonizing another world, or further still, we will begin expanding beyond our known horizon and start growing a new tree of life beyond our current dimension as well and when we arrive we may even realize we have been there all along.

New migrations always take on many self serving attributes. I think it is somewhat obvious that without the armor of self preservation any conquest will undoubtedly fail. We can make many comparisons and hopefully take some lessons learned from the European domination of the new world to the our up coming process of building a colony on Mars. Of course the vessels are quite different and the oceans comprised of vastly different conceptual material. Yet a universal lesson learned above all if we are to venture into a new space we need love to keep it alive.

If you improve your senses like a tree and begin to see through time, to the point where it no longer exists at all. At that point the entropy of our universe simply collapses upon its self and all matter and all energy simply become one. Emerging from here is where every seed truly begins, and this is life. On our planet, life is governed by our collective whole. We can trim and prune the tree of life in this way or that, however, without enough love the entire system has no choice but to retreat. We have seen this happen for different reasons at 5 distinct times in our knowable history of our planet where life severely retreated. We are certain that we are currently observing the 6th. How far life retreats this time is up to us.

As we rotate and make our way round the sun we are also making our way home from where we started. At the center of every universe exists a black hole and the cosmic new being across dimensions. You see we have managed to speed things up a bit. The first black hole was theorized in 1916 by Albert Einstein, a brilliant man of Germanic descent. However it took until 1971 to uncover evidence of the first one. Before this time we were all just fine in our beautiful bliss. However, it raises the question should we be getting prepared. Discovery comes from one of two places, either it was always there and we did not know how to see or it just popped up. In either case, once the bag is open you can not put the cat back in unless you plan on throwing the whole mess in the river, and just hope that the muck covers it up. But other than hoping for a self serving fix I think we all know how rarely that really works out.

Consciousness exists beyond our bodies and beyond our minds. Ideas wisp around like dandelion seeds passing through the cosmos. In the dimension we reside your body is simply a vessel used to collect these. How receptive you are is based on the your yarn and the life you lead. The more emotional blockages you have the more and the more you are feed with anger and hate, the less receptive you become to the enlightenment and ideas. We are all just trees growing rings of knowledge through the years. These ideas are stored in your brain, but the repercussion or how the branches of your tree reach out will effect each and of every action we will ever take.

As we move forward maybe it is important to contemplate our roll as god within “our own” universe? Now on Mars and beyond it is undeniable that we are at greater liberty to take such hubris steps out of fundamental self preservation to secure the overall success of the mission. Here at home it is a much harder to justify any individual action that tries to set the course for the whole. Interests of man are always self serving and yet within the dimension our bodies reside, there are undeniable signs that the tree of life is retreating. If we all love our mother, our father, our tree and put our trust there, then it is easy to see where we will be. If every action of every decision we ever make is guided by love then we don’t lose even if as a species we might.

Just a couple of words to ponder and realize how important all these trees just might be. We know the forest is a highly evolved intelligent being. These photos are lovely, however the art is something more and can only be seen in person. I am not at liberty to present all of the forest technology behind this art, however I can say that it might be more appropriate to think of these images as devices capable of teleporting consciousness to and from the forest.