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Despite marvels in building technology, and novel new designs to building exteriors, I find we are living and working more and more in cubical structures. Be it driven by functional design or a need to build spaces that can easily evolve for different use over time, our offices and homes are more often than not defined by four walls and a flat ceiling. After visiting several of Antonio Gaudi’s buildings in Barcelona I was inspired by his innovative designs inspired by the natural world. Using conventional building materials of the time he was able to redefine what was possible. Today, innovations in building materials have revolutionized what is possible and we are seeing modern marvels and inspiring structures being constructed across the world’s leading cities. Yet, despite architectural marvels functional use constraints still quite often drives a rectangular interior. This body of photographic work is intended to bring non-rectangular design into our spaces. Intended to be printed at significant size, individual works invite design elements in. This provides a decorative artistic alternative to redesigning rectangular structural design. This collection was recently featured in F-Stop Magazine.