Chris Palm | looking for Juan Valdez

On a recent expedition in the coffee region I went looking for the fictitious character Juan Valdez. On the way I discovered the Valle De Caccora, coffee fincas, tasted some great organic beans and had the best time with my dog Samantha.
Organic coffee beens, as they turn red they are ready to be harvested.Young coffee beans of the colombian verity.The origins of the best cup of coffee ever.Coffee beans without the husk ready for roasting.Bag of organic coffee ready for roasting.Organic coffee beans ready for roasting.Some of the best coffee in the world.I was informed by a local of guerilla activity further up the mountain.Is this Juan Valdez heading down the mountain.The trail leading up the mountain.  The only way in and out for the people who live and work here.Collection basket used for gathering coffee left on the trail.Vally of perpetual spring.The national tree of colombiaIn the land of perpetual springtime you can often reach up and touch the clouds.the land of perpetual springtime.The road to valle de caccora.The valleys lead up to snow capped mountains.Morning sun from the town of SalentoMy wonderful dog and companion Samantha.