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The Greater Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus) is an Endangered species, with an estimated world population of less than 3,700 individuals; It extends from the south of Guatemala to the southwest of Ecuador. The Ecuadorian subspecies Ara Ambiguus guayaquilensis is critically endangered, with less than thirty individuals in the far west of Ecuador, where only two known populations are found; the first in Esmeraldas and the other south of the Chongón-Colonche Coordillera. The main causes of their disappearance are deforestation that causes loss of habitat and illegal trafficking of the species, many of these macaws were captured to be commercialized as pets. Jocotoco Foundation is implementing a project to release ten macaws in the Ayampe Reserve. The macaws come from the Jambelí Rescue Center, where the only captive breeding program of this species exists and was developed for conservation purposes.
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