Chris spends his rotations around the sun photographing trees and learning about the natural world we come from.  He grew up on a ranch very isolated and covered in Aspen on the side of a mountain in Wyoming.  Trees were some of his earliest and still are some of his best friends.  It was with their suggestion that he should go out and explore this world before all life was lost with a hope that maybe he would be play some small part in its preservation.  


These all knowing trees have sent him around the world.  First to Singapore where he studied ant NTU to attain his MBA and learn about the value game humans place on fiat money while he  lived among the talking heads of commerce and trade.  Some of these are inevitably greed driven and are inevitably a part of our demise while others are using wealth creation to preserve and conserve.  The most enlightened are working to evolve the system all together so that we might transition from a carbon based economy into a sustainable surplus economy.  The current form of capitalism doesn’t understand how to value precious goods that also have abundant supply.  Oxygen is a prime example…  


Chris knew from a young age that he was put on this earth to see because not everyone does.  We see with our minds, not so much with our eyes although they are very helpful in the process of collecting photons for our minds to consider.  Chris discovered that a camera was a wonderful tool to assist in our making sense of what we see.  His best friends have always been trees, however his first true love was of photons.  He has dedicated his life to knowing them better and understanding how they play.  Although we can never hold photons we do have the ability to capture likeness from the reflections they produce.


In 2012 the trees were shouting loudly and Chris ventured to the forest to hear their call.  Maybe it was in the air that passes through the Choco forest in Ecuador and crosses the pacific on its way to Asia that carried the message and brought him there.  He has been photographing the Choco for the past 7 years telling tree stories and connecting with the the consciousness that lies in this vast ancient and biodiverse forest network of Ecuador.


His current project, TreeTalk 2.0 forest conversations, is an exploration of teleportation of consciousness to and from the forest.  Maybe if we have more of this art in this world we will all be able to breath just a bit easier. 


Publications of note

Photography Book- Abstractions on the Road in Asia 2005

Publication- Lenswork 79-Wild Horses 2008

Online - Lenswork Treetalk 2019



Epson global imaging award 2003

AI-AP6 2015 -Cabagata

International Color Awards 6- Clown Dates




B2G Gallery 2001-2004 multiple exhibitions

Art Ability Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital 2021 group show

Anima Mundi Festival Venecie 2019 group show

Kulturschöpfer Home UpRooted Exhibition Berlin 2019 group show

United World College “TreeTalk” Sustainability Conference 2020

Currently constructing and arts exhibition space in Ayampe Ecuador the InstaGalery at the CDC